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Master Entrepreneurial Success with Rollover for Business Startups: 6 Winning Tactics for Business Buyers

Unlocking the door to entrepreneurial success often requires innovative financial strategies, and one such avenue is Rollover for Business Startups financing. 

ROBS, or Rollover for Business Startups, is an innovative financing strategy that allows entrepreneurs to use their retirement funds to invest in a new business venture, such as buying an ATM route. While ATM routes have traditionally required cash purchases due to limited financing options, this case study highlights the emerging trend of utilizing Small Business Administration or SBA financing to fund such acquisitions. This shift in approach not only enhances flexibility but also opens doors to a world of business ownership possibilities.

Understanding Rollover for Business Startups

Rollover for Business Startups offers an alternative to traditional loans, enabling you to tap into your retirement savings to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. The process involves setting up a C Corporation, rolling over your retirement funds into a 401(k) plan, and using that capital to invest in your business. With ROBS, you gain control, avoid debt, and enjoy tax advantages, making it an appealing option for budding entrepreneurs.

ROBS offers several advantages, including a debt-free business start, the ability to utilize your retirement savings for a potentially high-return venture, full control over your business decisions, and tax advantages through structured transactions. To determine if Rollover for Business Startups is the right fit for your entrepreneurial journey, it’s advisable to consult with ROBS experts like Business Brokerage Services. They can help assess whether this financing method aligns with your financial situation and business goals, potentially paving the way for entrepreneurial success without the financial strain of traditional loans.

Case Study: ATM route located in the Denver Metro Area

Overview and Motivation

This case study is about the sale of an ATM route situated in the Denver metro area. The seller’s choice of Business Brokerage Services for this transaction was driven by the firm’s impressive track record of 16+ years in the ATM route industry, complemented by their firsthand experience as ATM route owners. Notably, Business Brokerage Services stands as the exclusive business brokerage in the state of Colorado specializing in ATM route sales. Their extensive network within the industry played a pivotal role in expediting the sale process.

The unique selling proposition of this business lies in its departure from the conventional norm associated with ATM routes. Typically, such ventures demand cash-only purchases, leaving no room for financing options. However, as this case study unveils, there’s a gradual shift in this landscape, with the emergence of Small Business Administration or SBA financing as a viable avenue for funding ATM route acquisitions. This evolving approach offers prospective buyers greater flexibility and a fresh array of possibilities in the realm of business ownership.

Pre-Sale Process

In the pre-sale process, Business Brokerage Services used a meticulous approach to assess the ATM route business’s value, primarily focusing on its financial performance. The valuation was based on the common industry method, which considers the annual cash flow, typically resulting in prices ranging from 3 to 3.75 times the annual cash flow.

Their preparation for the sale involved several key steps. This included a detailed business valuation, securing the listing agreement, and initiating the marketing phase. During marketing, they created a comprehensive offering memorandum, detailing essential business information like the address, financials, demographics, and employee status. This document was then strategically distributed across 4-5 prominent websites to maximize visibility and attract potential buyers.

Notably, the pre-sale process faced a significant challenge: obtaining bank financing, a common issue in the ATM route industry. However, the resourceful buyers of this business overcome this obstacle by utilizing their 401k funds to execute a Rollover for Business Startups or ROBS.

Marketing the Business for Sale

In marketing the ATM route business for sale, Business Brokerage Services adopted a multi-faceted approach to maximize exposure and attract potential buyers. Their strategy involved listing the business on multiple prominent platforms, including their own website and well-established online marketplaces such as,,, and By utilizing these diverse channels, they ensured that the business reached a wide audience of prospective buyers.

While the marketing approach for this particular case did not employ any unique or unconventional strategies, the attractiveness of the opportunity itself played a pivotal role in swiftly drawing in potential buyers. Remarkably, it took less than 24 hours to attract a pool of interested parties, underscoring the appeal of this ATM route acquisition opportunity.

Negotiation and Deal Structuring

The negotiation process for this ATM route acquisition was efficient. The buyer presented their offer, which Business Brokerage Services conveyed to the seller. After a counteroffer from the seller, the buyer accepted the terms, and Business Brokerage Services facilitated the agreement’s drafting and signing.

The deal was structured as a distinctive Rollover for Business Startups transaction. In a ROBS deal, buying partners use their 401k funds to invest in the business. Despite its uniqueness, the negotiation and agreement processes proceeded smoothly, highlighting ROBS’ adaptability for such acquisitions.

Challenges and Resolution

During negotiations and due diligence, the main obstacle was securing financing. However, the buyers found a solution through ROBS financing, ensuring the deal proceeded smoothly. Fortunately, there were no near-deal collapses. This case underscores adaptability and creative solutions in business acquisitions.

Closing the Deal

The closing process was intricate, involving various crucial steps. This included signing the purchase agreement, conducting due diligence, potentially inspecting equipment, and introducing the buyer to key partners like Guidant Financial and ATM processing companies. It required precise coordination to ensure all aspects aligned for a successful closing. 

To facilitate a seamless transition, Business Brokerage Services made sure the buyer had all the necessary resources in place from day one, eliminating any last-minute hurdles. Additionally, both buyer and seller had a two-week training period post-sale, further ensuring a smooth handover.

Post-Sale Process

Business Brokerage Services continued to offer extensive support to the buyer after the sale. Their vast referral network provided a wide range of services, including credit card processing, life insurance, health insurance, and more, ensuring the buyer had access to essential resources.

The seller’s feedback about their experience with the brokerage firm was highly positive. They described it as a pleasant and smooth process, highlighting the meticulous preparation that Business Brokerage Services undertook to ensure a successful closing.

Results and Impact

The sale had a beneficial impact on the seller’s life and goals, allowing them to retire comfortably. For the buyer, the acquisition brought significant advantages, providing more cash flow for their daily lives and opening up opportunities for future business ventures.

In the post-sale period, the business has thrived, demonstrating exceptional performance. With the addition of more locations and a remarkable 75% increase in cash flow compared to the previous owner’s performance, the acquisition has proven to be a lucrative investment.


Seller’s Testimonial

“We couldn’t be happier with our experience working with Business Brokerage Services. The entire process, from the initial valuation to the final closing, was incredibly smooth and well-managed. Their team’s attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that everything was in place for a successful sale was truly commendable. Thanks to their expertise and efforts, we were able to achieve a seamless transition and move into our retirement with peace of mind. We highly recommend Business Brokerage Services to anyone looking to sell their business.”

Buyer’s Testimonial:

“Our journey to acquiring our business through Business Brokerage Services was nothing short of exceptional. The team’s expertise in facilitating a ROBS deal made all the difference. Not only did we achieve our dream of business ownership, but we also gained valuable financial flexibility for our daily lives and future ventures. The support we received post-sale, from referrals to trusted partners for various services, was the icing on the cake. Business Brokerage Services exceeded our expectations, and we’re grateful for their role in our success.”

Are there any potential risks or downsides associated with using ROBS financing for business acquisition?

Yes, there are considerations:

Retirement Savings Risk: Using retirement funds risks your long-term financial security if the business fails.

Complexity: The ROBS process is complex, requiring compliance with IRS regulations and ERISA laws.

Failure Risk: A business failure could result in losing both your business investment and retirement funds.

Costs: Setting up and maintaining a ROBS arrangement may involve legal costs and administrative fees.

Limited Diversification: Investing retirement funds in one business limits diversification, increasing risk.

Thorough research, professional advice, and careful evaluation are essential to mitigate these risks when considering ROBS financing for your business.

Rollover for Business Startups or ROBS is a game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs, as demonstrated by our ATM route acquisition case study in Denver. It offers flexible financing, but it’s crucial to balance the potential rewards with the risks. By carefully navigating the ROBS path, you can unlock entrepreneurial success and secure your financial future. Contact Business Brokerage Services to explore how ROBS can help you achieve your business ownership dreams and embark on a journey toward financial independence.

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