About Us



Thanks for checking us out. We're Business Brokerage Services, the biggest small brokerage firm in Colorado! Our team has lots of experience and we're here to help business owners and buyers with their deals.

Our Mission​

At our core, we are dedicated to being a resource for anyone seeking to buy or sell a business. We understand that these transactions can be complex and overwhelming, which is why we've made it our mission to simplify the process and support our clients every step of the way.

Our Reputation​

Business Brokerage Services has worked for over sixteen years in Colorado creating and keeping good relationships with buyers, sellers, attorneys, banks, and title companies. We understand everything about the small businesses in Colorado, and are well-known for being honest and reliable. This reputation has made us a trusted name in the Colorado small business community.

Our Experience

We help people buy and sell small businesses in Colorado. We've sold over 1,000 businesses, and we have more than 20 years of experience. We've looked at 2,500+ firms to figure out how much they're worth, and we've owned and run 16+ businesses ourselves. We're the best brokerage firm around for buying or selling small businesses in Colorado.

Our Motto​

Bettering lives through business transitions™

What We Provide

We help people buy and sell small businesses. We have experience in every step of the process, from analyzing the business, assessing its finances, packaging it for sale, marketing it to potential buyers, and closing the transaction. We have worked with a diverse range of industries, from liquor stores to IT and service companies. We can give you the knowledge and skills you need to sell your small business successfully.

CORE Values

Dedicated To You

Doing the Right Thing​

At Business Brokerage Services, we don't just say we do the right thing, we live it. Our team members follow important values like honesty, ethics and good faith, not just for ourselves but also for our clients. Our goal is to provide transparent and trustworthy services to help our clients achieve their interests.


Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. It's important to admit when you make a mistake and learn from it. When we work with our clients and team, we can learn from our experiences and get better. If we accept our mistakes and try to do better, we can gain wisdom, improve ourselves, learn more, and forgive ourselves and others.

Investing In Growth​

We want to improve and succeed in our personal and work lives. Balancing work and personal life is important for our health, finances, and family. At Business Brokerage Services, we want to make your life better by helping with business deals.


Loyalty means staying true and devoted to someone or something. Our team is always focused on what you need, even over our own interests. We work hard to earn your trust and we believe in putting service first.

Team Focused​

At Business Brokerage Services, we think it's better to work as a team if we want to achieve great things. We have a Team Focused approach and work closely with our buyers and sellers, which helps us to go farther and do better.


A Visionary Beginning and Transformative Expansion

Business Brokerage Services, established in 2006, underwent a significant transformation in 2015 with the arrival of Michael. Facing challenges in selling his own business, Michael was introduced to the world of business brokerage. His experience with the firm led to a successful sale of his business for $1 million, far surpassing his initial attempts. This success inspired Michael to join and become a partner in 2016, marking a new era of growth and expansion for the company.

From Solo Endeavors to Team Growth

The firm, initially a smaller operation, began to evolve with Michael’s ambition to expand. A key development in this growth was the hiring of MJ Nuanes as a college intern in 2017, who later became a vital member of the brokerage team.

Building a Strong Foundation

Under Michael’s leadership, the firm broadened its brokerage services and established a robust support team. This phase was characterized by a commitment to tailored client service, emphasizing relationship-building and comprehensive support throughout business transitions.

Broadening Horizons

Adopting the motto “Bettering Lives Through Business Transitions,” the firm continued its upward trajectory. The launch of Business Brokerage Services Texas in 2023 highlighted our dedication to delivering 100% customer satisfaction and offering personalized service to each client.

Envisioning the Future

Looking to the future, Business Brokerage Services is poised to be a guiding force in the business brokerage industry. Our goal is to continuously adapt and grow, meeting the changing needs of our clients with unwavering integrity and excellence.