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How Selling Works

Business Brokerage Services LLC will act as your professional intermediary when you are ready to sell your business in Colorado. We will serve as your consultant and industry expert as we work together to price and value your business. Additionally, we will build a detailed sales presentation, which will highlight the value of your business and also develop a custom marketing and advertising plan suited to your business.

As interest develops, we will work with all potential buyers in Colorado and find an appropriate and qualified buyer for your business. Once under contract we will continue to work with both seller and buyer to execute a smooth and successful closing.

When Should You Sell

There are many different reasons why business owners decide to sell their businesses in Colorado. Whether you are retiring, relocating or simply moving in a new direction professionally, we can help you to understand what it will take to sell your business. We will work with you, using our experience and database of comparable sales, to help determine the appropriate asking price for your business.

Consideration of the supply and demand of the current market in your industry, preparation of financials and other business documentation, marketing and advertising specifics and comprehensive buyer vetting are all services we provide during the selling process.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer a wealth of Colorado small business industry specific experience. During our time as business brokers and owners we have worked hard to develop trusted relationships throughout the Colorado small business community. We have many connections with active small business owners within a variety of industries, which can often lead to quick and simple sales.

We have hands on experience with all aspects of small business brokerage and we offer thoughtful and trustworthy guidance at rates competitive with anyone in the field.

What You Can Expect

Expect honesty, creativity and a strong work ethic when working with Business Brokerage Services. We are able to take your business to market in a way that no one else in the industry can. We are Colorado small business industry experts who can examine, revamp and present your business in a way that will attract many qualified buyers.

Due to our specific expertise and connections to the small business community we are able to match buyers and sellers quickly and are able to manage expectations of both buyers and sellers in a way that other brokers cannot.

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