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Times are changing and the priorities of many owners are changing with them. If you are like many small business owners right now, you may be asking yourself one very simple question: what are my options moving forward? As a company of entrepreneur-minded individuals, we at Business Brokerage Services are here to help guide business owners through the trials and tribulations of this hectic time and we believe the first step is finding the value of your business.

Our very simple valuation model is a variation on the methodology used by top business appraisers and analysts in the broader M&A market, simplified for main street businesses. First, we utilize background and operational inputs to determine an appropriate range of valuation multiples. We then use this range along with the business’s prior-year Seller Discretionary Earnings (SDE) to provide a range of potential values for your company.

To get started, simply input your contact information and let our valuation experts do the rest! We will contact you for additional details to get the best results, and highest sale for your business.

For a more in-depth discussion, we also provide a free consultation designed to discuss the valuation and what steps can be taken to improve the value of the business. To learn more about this consultation, reach out to one of our brokers once you have received your analysis to discuss the requirements and benefits!